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Coming Soon… Reviews!

A few people have suggested that with the insane amount of lashing products that I purchase, comment on and criticize/ ADORE, that I should start to blog/ vlog about these products so that those who have not yet tried them can have an unbiased opinion about them. Since I love to know about as much as I can about recent products and how they work, I have taken the suggestion in hopes that my useless opinions may help another lash artist make an informed decision down the line.

Upcoming products I will be reviewing in Jan – Mar
– Dreamlash Lashes and Adhesive (CDN)
– Borboleta Lashes/ Adhesives and aftercare products (USA)
– Lashstuff Lashes/ Adhesives/ Tint/ Lift Kit and aftercare products (USA)
– Hot Lashes Lashes/ Adhesives (CDN)
– DeLashio Lashes / Adhesive (CDN)

If you have a suggestion for another brand that you are interested in learning about before buying, please let me know!

Look for the first review coming Jan 14th!